Question:  "Are there camping facilities at the Rodeo Grounds?"
Answer: “All campers, RV’'ers that want to stay at the rodeo grounds can check in Thursday afternoon from 12:00 p.m. There will be someone to meet you at the entrance to help you get situated. The cost for camping IS NOT included in the registration fee. The cost to camp at the rodeo grounds is $15.00 per night for RV'ers and Tent Campers. That fee includes RV dump station and shower stalls on site.

Question: “What if I have passengers? Do we need everyone to fill out an applications?”
Answer: “Yes, each participant needs to fill out and sign a Registration Form. A non-rider can be included on the same registration form as the driver.

Question: “Will the UTV’s need to be “street legal” for the Jamboree“
Answer: “No. Both the Town of Springerville and Town of Eagar and Apache County law enforcement agencies are working with us on the jamboree and will not ticket non-street legal ATVs that are participating in the jamboree. All parade and trail riders must be licensed operators (16 years of age or older).  A law in the State of Arizona allows both towns and county to change their individual laws to allow UTV riders to pull into town, stay at our local hotels, drive their ATVs to get their groceries, gas, meals, etc., and then follow certain designated routes to access our main ATV trail heads. We are working hard with these agencies for continued cooperation. But make sure you don’t do anything stupid or they can ticket you. Obey the speed limits and stop sign/lights.

Question: “We are new UTV owners/riders, would we enjoy participating in the Jamboree“?
Answer: Of course! Safety first – don’t ride beyond your comfort level.  More importantly you will make lifelong friends and want to return annually. No person is left behind, there will be a leader and someone following to make sure everyone gets back safe.

Question: “Are sport quads welcome to ride the Jamboree trails?”
Answer: Yes, but they need to meet the legal requirements to ride in the forest; such as a forest-approved spark arrestor. This goes for all ATVs, not just the sport quad riders.

Question: “Are helmets required?”
Answer: Yes, our insurance carrier requires proper riding gear for all participants. White Mountain UTV Jamboree complies with AZ State Law:  https://azstateparks.com/ohv-laws-regulations

Kids and OHVs
Supervise children under 16 years of age. One of the first questions you should ask is whether your child is old enough, big enough and mature enough to handle an off-highway vehicle. Certainly, you know your child better than anyone, but evaluate them as objectively as you can…their safety is at stake. Download the pamphlet “Parents, Youngsters and All-Terrain Vehicles” at www.atvsafety.org to help you evaluate:
◆ Physical development. 
◆ Visual perception/motor development. 
◆ Social/emotional development. 
◆ Reasoning and decision-making ability.
Ride the Proper Size OHV. Children should NEVER ride OHVs designed for adults. There are size and age appropriate OHVs designed for children, and they are intended for one operator with no passenger. Always follow manufacturer minimum age recommendations, and make sure your kids only ride with the appropriate safety equipment. Parents are responsible for their children’s safety!

Required Protective Gear
Helmet: A helmet is the most important piece of equipment you can wear. A minimum DOT-safety rated motorcycle helmet is required for all operators and passengers of all OHVs who are under 18 years of age and strongly recommended for ALL OHV operators and passengers. DOT-rated helmets offer the only protection against head injuries in the event of an accident and also protect against discomfort from windblast, cold, noise, vegetation and flying objects.  Eye Protection: Motorcycle goggles or a fullface shield must be worn to protect against eye injuries from flying debris. They reduce dust which irritates the eyes and impairs vision. Get high-quality lenses, clear or tinted.  (We recommend wearing long pants, long sleeve shirts, goggles, boots that protect the ankles & gloves).

Question: “Can dirt bikes, golf carts, Polaris Rangers or Kawasaki Mules, Etc. ride the trails during the Jamboree?”
Answer: “You Bet all is welcome just make sure your legal”.  Dirt bikes might not enjoy the rides as much while being held back on the trails when participants are stopping to view scenic overlooks, etc.  Any one is welcome to join us on Saturday at the Offroad rodeo activities using these “motorized OHV vehicles.” We will have one ride just for Dirt Bikes that will be awesome.

Question: “Why is this event being held September Labor Day weekend?”
Answer: “ We feel this is a good weekend because for the working people some of them get an extra day off and for others they can come and join all for a great time”

Question: “Can I just show up to the Jamboree and participate in any rides without paying a registration fee?”
Answer: Yes!  Remember there aren't any fees for rides organized and lead by volunteer club members of the Apache County ATV club.  The registration fee is for those people who are participating in ALL of the activities we offer during the jamboree excluding rides. 

Question: “Can I ride my UTV/ATV in town?”
Answer:  Yes, please be aware that you will be able to ride your UTV/ATV around town.  That means that during the jamboree you can do your grocery shopping on your UTV, you can ride to the restaurants on your UTV, fill up your UTV at the gas stations, and just explore the towns on your UTV.  Out-of State participants and non-licensed Arizona UTVs can legally ride your UTV around town during the Jamboree!  It's our way of saying:  ”Welcome to Round Valley, a real UTV-friendly Community!”

Question: “My question is not listed here. Who should I ask?”
Answer: Please contact us at: kyle@azopracing.com or Call/Text 623-363-9665.