Poker Run

Nestled in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona, Eagar & Springerville are the West's best kept secrets!

Springerville was literally Arizona's last outlaw holdout that prevented Arizona from becoming a state.  The roughest, toughest lawmen around:  Commodore Perry Owens, Lot Smith, the Arizona Rangers and Hank Sharp (former members of the Butch Cassidy Gang) were called in to tame this little valley and root out the likes of the Clantons, McLouries, and the Smith Gang.  Blood was spilt, law brought to this region, and pioneer settlers were able to raise their families in peace.  But the stories and the descendents (both outlaw & pioneer) still live on in this quiet valley.  The White Mountain UTV Rally introduces its participants to trails through high country pine and aspen forests that are still pretty much untouched and unchanged over the last 100 years.